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Jisha murder: Young neighbour taken into custody again

13-May-2016 / 4:23 pm
Kerala Updates: Perumbavoor: In yet another twist in the dalit law student's murder case, the Kerala police have taken one of Jisha's neighbours into custody, who had been earlier questioned and let off. The youth was taken into custody again after statements were recorded from Jisha's mother, Rajeshwari. Evidence and statements have prompted the police to carry out probes closer to the ramshackle house, the victims were living in. Also read: Kerala women under attack The police had noted that some of the neighbours were apprehensive about giving the details they knew, which prompted them to probe for the culprit in nearby areas. The fact that some of the neighbours had seen the murderer was revealed to the police only on the sixth day after the murder. The behaviour of the police dog also led the police to suspect the youth in custody. The youth is one among the 15 people, who were taken into custody in the first phase for questioning. Jisha ­ a long story cut short The police would now go ahead with dental matching as Jisha had sustained bite marks onher back. Although Jisha's mother categorically said the man in question was the culprit, the police did not say why Rajeshwari complained against him. Neighbours do not know whether Jisha and the youth had any relationship or enmity. When the police investigated why the neighbours did not intervene even when noises and cries were heard from the house on the fateful day, they said that they mistook the commotion as a fight between the daughter and mother. They felt suspicious when the alleged murderer came out of the house, crossed a water canal and then the road. Police feel that he would have threatened the two women who could have seen him. The district fingerprint bureau is collecting fingerprints of the neighbours.
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