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How to boost your immune system with Garlic Milk?

30-May-2016 / 9:54 am
Kerala Updates: Recipe for Garlic Milk Ingredients 1. Fresh milk – 1 cup 2. Garlic – 3 to 4 cloves 3. Turmeric Powder – quarter teaspoon How to prepare? Boil milk at a high temperature, add crushed garlic cloves, add some turmeric powder, allow the ingredients to boil until garlic becomes soft, occasional stirring is needed. After boiling, allow the garlic milk to cool at room temperature. Add honey to taste and drink. Don’t waste the crushed garlic cloves, eat them too 1) It lowers cholesterol Drinking garlic milk decreases LDL (bad cholesterol) and at the same time increases HDL (good cholesterol), thus helping you lower the overall cholesterol level. 2) Prevents Jaundice Garlic milk provides sulphur needed by the liver to remove harmful toxins, thus prevents the onset of jaundice. It is also a rich source of allicin and selenium which helps liver to get rid of fat by producing bile, thus preventing fatty liver. 3) Infertility It improves blood circulation to the important organs of the body, especially to the reproductive organs. Thus, garlic milk is a wonderful remedy for infertility. 4) Improves digestion Garlic milk induces appetite and aids in digestion. It helps stimulate the secretion of digestive juices. Garlic milk has a soothing effect on the walls of the stomach and the intestine and prevents inflammation too. It eliminates harmful parasites which flourish in the intestine. 5) Prevents arthritis Drink garlic milk to prevent the onset of arthritis. It also reduces the pain and inflammation caused by arthritis. 6) Sciatica Pain along the sciatic nerve can be cured by drinking garlic milk. 7) Insomnia or Sleeplessness A warm glass of garlic milk just before you hit the bed helps you get a sound sleep. 8) Common cold and 〹㌳u Garlic milk boosts your immune system and prevents infections. If you are down with cold and flu, drink garlic milk until you find relief. 9) Breastfeeding mother Garlic milk increases breast milk output in lactating women. 10) Respiratory disorders Garlic milk keeps away asthma and pneumonia. It helps strengthen your respiratory system.
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