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Acquaintance turns murderer; people still under shock

16-Jun-2016 / 2:41 pm
Kerala Updates: Perumbavoor: The shocking murder of a Dalit girl Jisha in Kerala’s Perumbavoor town has finally come to rest with the arrest of Assam native Amiyoor on Thursday. Though investigations into the crime continued for about one­and­half months, the assailant’s animosity towards the victim proved very costly. Infact, Jisha knew the murderer and it is a hard fact for any Keralite to digest. The law student was known to the attacker for some time and it was during the building works of her house, the person made acquaintance with Jisha. Amiyoor’s sexual inclination prompted him to kill her in the most brutal way. It is also reported that both were indulged in a verbal duel during the time of the building works. On the day of the crime, Amiyoor had reached the house of Jisha and they had a spat over an issue. There are also reports that angered Jisha had beat Amiyoor and threw him out of the house. Infuriated at being insulted, Amiyoor came back in an inebriated state in the evening and strangled her to death. After this, the assailant violated her body. The murderer Amiyoor was one of the prime suspect of the police right from the beginning itself when the probe commenced. When news of the murder spread like wild fire, fabricated stories began circulating in the area. The first person who was nabbed by the police was let off after his DNA sample did not match with the collected samples from the crime scene. The brutality of the crime had shocked the whole state and proved a major challenge for the police force. The probe team had from the beginning suspected migrant workers to be involved in the crime. And they reached this conclusion looking at the way the crime was committed in the most heinous way Perumbavoor is place which has a large population of other state workers. The method adopted to undertake the crime and the place of crime strengthened the suspicion. The probe officials directed their investigation into outgoing calls from the mobile towers in the area. Of this, 20 mobile phones were switched off from the next day of the crime. The probe officials spread their net to Assam, Bengal, Bihar, Jharkhand among other states. When police team reached Amiyoor’s place in Assam they came to know that Amiyoor had reached there after the crime. When Amiyoor came to know about police hunting for him, he immediately left for Kerala. In the midst of this, Amiyoor had switched on his phone to call up a few friends. The police too began tracking his phone calls and was finally held on the Kerala Tamil Nadu border two days back. With intense interrogation during the past two days, the culprit confessed to have committed the crime. It is learnt that the assailant was involved in crimes in Assam too.
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