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Kadalaparippu Payasam

03-Jun-2016 / 3:58 pm
Kerala Updates: INGREDIENTS Bengalgram (Kadalaparippu) - 1 cup Coconut - 3 nos Jaggery (Sharkkara) - ¾ kg Sago (Chowari/Sabudana) - 1 big spoon Cashewnuts - 50 gm Raisins (Onakka munthiri) - 50 gm Ghee - 50 gm Cardamom (Elakka) - 8 nos Coconut chips(Thenga kothu) - A little DIRECTIONS Step 1 Cook the Bengal gram in a pressure cooker by adding 2 glasses of water. Step 2 Put the cooked Bengal gram in a mixer grinder and beat it to get a coarse mixture. Step 3 :- Make sure you don¦t make a paste of it. Step 4 Dissolve the jaggery in some water and pour it in a vessel. Step 5 Keep it on fire and cook it. Step 6 After sometime, filter the jaggery water to get rid of the unwanted stuff. Step 7 Grate the coconuts and prepare thick coconut milk(2 glass), thin coconut milk(3 glass) and very thin coconut milk(6 glass). Step 8 Heat up a vessel(preferably Urali). Step 9 Put the cooked dal into it along with the jaggery water. Step 10 Add the ghee in between into this and stir well. Step 11 When the mixture gets fully cooked, add the thinner coconut milk. Step 12 Add chowari and stir. Step 13 Allow the mixture to boil. Step 14 When it starts to reduce, add the thin coconut milk and allow it to boil. Step 15 Stir well and make sure that the chowari gets cooked. Step 16 When this too starts to reduce, add the thick milk and the powdered cardamom. Step 17 :- Do not allow it to boil. Step 18 Lower the flame and heat it through. Step 19 Fry the chopped coconuts in the remaining ghee. Step 20 Add the raisins and cashewnuts and fry them, till they turn brown. Step 21 Add the the fried ingredients into the payasam. Step 22 :- Similarly, you can prepare Cherupayaru (Green gram) payasam.
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