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Best Ways To Increase Your Metabolism

02-Jun-2016 / 6:52 pm
Kerala Updates: This article throws light on the same, and we present a few methods we can follow to achieve a healthy metabolic rate Physical activity: Now, this might be the most commonly heard suggestion one gives. Here is the mechanism of what actually happens. During any physical activity, the excess fats are burnt down. Also, the food consumed prior to the activity session starts getting processed. This means the metabolic rate increase. Now, we do not mean training really hard, working out for hours. Any form of physical activity where the body gets some fresh air and sweats it out. The best and easiest physical activity is brisk walking, for at least 15 to 20 minutes every day. If time permits, you can indulge in sports, or hit the gym regularly. But, make sure your body gets some form of physical exercise or the other.Green tea: Green tea not just neutralizes the anti-oxidants but it also helps in breaking down the fats which take longer than usual to get processed. This needs to be consumed twice or thrice daily. This indirectly helps you lose weight as the excess fats are condensed from the body and only what is required is stored back. Add spices like cloves, cardamom to your regular intake of green tea as spices are also strong anti-oxidants especially in their natural form. Cheese and butter: These are highly processed foods with high quantities of fats. As far as possible, try to avoid cheese and butter in any form, as these require a lot of time to get processed; slowing down the metabolism rate. Water: Drink plenty of water every day. As this would help in flushing out unnecessary toxins, fats, unwanted processed foods from the body. It also helps in nourishing the heart, skin, effective functioning of the kidneys as well. Walk around: Try as much as possible to avoid the use of elevators, automobiles. Whenever possible, switch to stairs and walk. Avoid walking in excess sunlight though, as this would almost double the metabolism, thereby leading to fatigue. Diet: Exclude fried foods, excess sugar coated materials. Switch to fruits and leafy vegetables as they are easily digestible by the body. Try to use as little oil as possible to process and prepare the vegetables. Consume more salads, roots and eggs as they have the tendency to fill the appetite quickly and also get processed soon.Stick to home food: As far as possible, stick to home food as the food made outside contains high amounts of masalas and other ingredients. These are usually colored substances, and are very high in calorific value and also need a lot of time to be processed. Stop lazing around: Do not sit idle at a place. Even when you have to sit at one place, perform some kind of action like shaking your legs, placing a pen between your fingers and rotating it left and right. This would ensure that energy is continuously needed and to meet the energy requirements, more food has to be processed instantly. Sit and stand straight: When in the sitting posture, make sure that your spinal cord is straight. This means the body needs extra efforts to sit straight, hence requiring more energy, thus increasing metabolism. The same can be said about standing straight as well. Never over-eat: You know the capacity of your appetite. Never over eat. Make sure you eat only as much as required. Prioritize meals: Eat breakfast like a king, savor the lunch and eat dinner like a miser. Means that breakfast and lunch can be heavy, while dinner should be as light as possible.
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