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Symptoms that shows you are suffering with kidney stones | Urinary Calculus

04-Jun-2016 / 7:16 pm
Kerala Updates: Symptoms indicate you are suffering with kidney stones Quantity of urine lowers The kidney stones can form when there is less quantity of urine or more of the chemicals in your food that forms deposits that hardens to become stone. Pain in the abdomen and severe discomfort The person who has got these kidney stones formed within the kidney often faces a lot of pain and discomfort in the abdominal regions. Severe pain in back and stomach are common symptoms and often people feel the pain in the groins too. Larger stones in kidney can cause blood in urine There are people who often see pink stains or reddish stain in urine. This is mostly due to stone deposits in kidney. The blood in the walls of kidney is seen in the urine. Digestive disorder and vomiting is experienced Many people feel nauseated and this urge to vomit whenever one eats anything. The symptom is seen in people who have got the stones in kidney that stores the toxic materials within the body Stronger urge to urinate The people feel a stronger urge to use the washrooms but they often fail to discharge the full urine as there is a blockage in the passage. Difficulty in urinating People feel a burning sensation while urinating and they also feel pain. These are most common when the kidney stones are smaller and pass out with the urine. This difficulty is accompanied with fever and chills. The penile pain or pain in the testicle is also felt if one has got stones in the kidney. Low quantity of calcium in your body One feels pain in the joints and this is due to lack of calcium in the body. If you test blood for calcium, you will find out this symptom. Chill and fever like flu People develop feverish temperature. They get running nose and headache. This happens due to the kidney stones stuck in the tract that passes urine. Urinary track gets infected The person with stones will get infection in the urinary track multiple times due to the blockage of the tract. You should visit your doctor soon. Issues with bowel movement Inflammatory bowel disease or Crohn’s disease or colitis often gives rise to stones in kidney. This is due to dehydration from these diseases. There are other symptoms that are not that much pronounced but you must report of such discomfort to your physicians if you feel them. You must be sure if the stones are small and can be flushed out with medications and drinking lot of water. You should also think about surgery if the stones are larger and hampering with your daily routine.
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